Pipo X7 - set-top box with Windows 8.1 on board

We have become accustomed to the set-top box based on Android, they are made by all and sundry, from nameless Chinese manufacturers to Google Inc., with its Chromecast. And the famous Chinese manufacturer has released a set-top Pipo X7, which is more like a miniature PC. But inside, instead of the usual Adroid, installed more familiar Windows 8.1 and in addition to streaming TV clips from YouTube and other network services, you can run it on Micrsoft Office, Google Chrome, updated Heroes of Might and Magic III in HD-resolution, or any others need Windows-based application.

Pipo X7 - set-top box with Windows 8.1 on board

Pipo X7 is equipped with a quad-core Intel Atom Bay Trail (Z3735F or Z3736F), 2 GB of RAM (although for pre-Windows 8.1 with Bing enough 1GB) and 16 GB of the flash drive, and to output to a TV using HDMI-out. But the possibility of Pipo X7 are not limited to: wireless networks it supports Wi-Fi 802.11b /g/n, equipped with a port Ethernet, a slot for microSD cards and 4-port USB.

Dimensions Pipo X7 make 188х129х25 mm and weighs only 450 grams. The estimated price - $ 150-200.

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