FINsix Dart - the world's smallest charger for laptops

The famous сrowdfunding site Kickstarter there was another novelty for mobile computers - 65W charger, which is positioned as the world's smallest. Thanks to Kickstarter, and it is still quite expensive - the first 1,000 people will get it for $79 and the retail price in stores is expected to reach $ 130-150 (version for Apple MacBook, respectively, more expensive).

FINsix Dart

In fact, the students came from MIT FINsix Dart announced back in January at CES 2014, where he received an award as the best start-up, but apparently the general investor searches were unsuccessful and the guys came out with his project on Kickstarter. And they went very successfully: of the required $ 200,000 they have already collected nearly $150 000, and completion of the project to 29 more days.

And the money collected is not in vain - charger FINsix Dart 6 times lighter, made of aluminum, and VHF patented technology not only allowed us to make it smaller, but also allows the conversion of energy with fewer losses - and the charger will no longer overheat.

For aesthetes, besides the case of polished aluminum, available a few bright colors. This charger is useful for everyone - the range of supported notebooks (types of connectors) is extremely broad - it is without exception the notebooks major vendors, including, of course, Apple.

It is planned that the first chargers FINsix Dart sponsors go with Kickstarter in November 2014, with general availability device goes January-March 2015, after the re-submission of a ready product at CES 2015.

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