Sony Vaio UX UMPC – now with 32 GB Flash memory

Last May, Sony Viao announced the advanced UX Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) into their lineup. This device came equipped with a 4.5 inch wide SVGA screen and a complete slide-in QWERTY keyboard and looked very cool.

Sony Vaio UX UMPC

The Small Computer should be loaded with features including Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility. It also can establish a WWAN connection so it can be used as a cell phone. It has a camera on the front for video conference calls, and a camera on the back to take digital photos. A fingerprint sensor will also be put in for extra security. It also has three 2.0 USB ports, as well as VGA compatibility for projectors.

In short, the Vaio UX UMPC is the Feature King. However, many complained that the planned 16GB flash drive was not sufficient enough memory for such a device. Sony has now upped the memory to 32GB, which should hopefully make it worth the $1,800.00 price tag.

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