The eighth episode of "Star Wars" come to grips with the "Avatar 2" and "Ready Player One"

Cute heart of any compgeek eighth episode of the saga "Star Wars" strongly delayed. Suddenly, the Disney company without explanation from the prime minister suffered a May 26, 2017 to December 15, 2017, that is, the period of waiting for the new part of the saga has increased by seven months. And let the cause is not known, we know - it is greed: apparently the company's management liked the festive gathering of the seventh episode.

The eighth episode of

But this time, charges will not be light: at Christmas 2017 in theaters will premiere of "Ready Player One" by Spielberg, and the second part of "Avatar" by Cameron. Battle will be hot, and we hope that the extra seven months of the director of "Star Wars" will lead to benefit and be able to compete with these monsters, here and in the missed nostalgic fans, as it happened in the seventh episode.

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