Richmond giant gets rid of the remnants of bracelets Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band 2 or Microsoft Band? Soon, such a choice would not even stand - Microsoft Band first generation are selling rapidly. Microsoft diligently clearing the shelves of the remnants of sports bracelets Microsoft Band of the first generation, that they are not stifled sales of the second generation - Microsoft Band 2. Clean produced the most democratic way - a radical decline in prices.

Microsoft Band

So last week, the US price of the first generation of Microsoft Band at Best Buy was only $79.99, and now even in the official shop Microsoft Store does not exceed $99.

The game price reduction is enabled and the British division of Amazon, which exposed the Microsoft Band on sale for 55 pounds (about $84).

So a little more and the New Year holidays the choice will not be - if you are supporter of the ecosystem from Microsoft, you'll need to buy Microsoft Band 2 for $250 (£200).

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