No chance of getting lost - in Japan began to sell shoes for the elderly with a built-in GPS and Glonass

Japan is aging rapidly, and there are more and more problems. Senile memory problems lead to the fact that in the year in Japan lost more than five hundred persons of advanced age. It has long made key chains with a GPS-sensor and cell phones with the ability to track the location does not give the desired effect - they are often banal forget home. The decision of the company came up with "Wish Hills" from Kyoto, which started producing shoes for the elderly with integrated sensors GPS.

GLONASS, GPS and 3G inside heel

Of course, the built-in heel sensor does not work indoors, but tracing the movement of a loved one can greatly narrow down the search area. The data is transmitted in real time, thanks to built-in support for 3G-networks of NTT Docomo. And you can track movements on a special website, which get access to relatives, and if necessary, medical personnel.

The cost of a shoe with a GPS-module in the heel is $285 for a couple (there are male and female models of different sizes), and the monthly fee per month is only $12.

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