BQ Aquaris M10 - the world's first tablet that supports the Ubuntu Convergence

Function Ubuntu Convergence - a response from the world of open source software in the highly publicized feature Microsoft Continuum, which allows modern smartphone based on Windows 10 Mobile, when connected to an external monitor to pretend ordinary personal computer, and run the "universal" app, the list of which is still very small. The main difference between Ubuntu Convergence of Microsoft Continuum is that refinement of old applications to operate as a PC is not required and you will get a complete operating system Ubuntu on your mobile device.

Ubuntu Convergence

As expected, the first device with support for Ubuntu Convergence will be the tablet from the French producer BQ Aquarius M10. The announcement will take place at the Congress MWC 2016, but full support for Ubuntu Convergence will appear along with the release of Ubuntu 16.04 Xerus Xenial, to be held in April.

It is curious that a tablet BQ Aquarius M10 has produced, and its characteristics are not at the top-end - this is an ordinary 10-inch tablet with a quad-core CPU from MediaTek, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB on the flash drive, so the new Ubuntu 16.04 Xerus Xenial Ubuntu Convergence function is not too demanding tablet or phone, which can give it widespread.

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