• Sony USM-CA1 - flash drive with built-in USB Type-C and silicon cover

    For the days Sony USM-CA1 - flash drive with built-in USB Type-C and silicon cover

    Sony has in its time one of the first released universal USB On-The-Go (OTG) USB flash drive directly to the two connectors - microUSB for smartphones and tablets on the one hand, and full USB Type-A to connect to a computer on the other. But new times and the ubiquity of the new connector USB Type-C throws us new challenges, the answer to which has become a flash drive Sony USM-CA1 connectors USB Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) and a full-size USB Type-A.

  • Google Fiber wants to become more and telephone provider

    For the days Google Fiber wants to become more and telephone provider

    Google Fiber - is the famous project of the holding Alphabet, which, incidentally, we have an old habit still call Google, to provide really fast broadband to individual households to work in the United States since 2012. Happy service users enjoy access to the Internet at speeds of 1 Gbit/s for $130 per month. But as it turned out, Alphabet little control over your internet - on the order of mobile and wired communications.

  • Leica X-U - rugged shockproof camera

    For the days Leica X-U - rugged shockproof camera from the eminent manufacturer

    Segment protected digital cameras are not too developed: the device is specific and not designed for the mass buyer. And those models that are presented in the market are very strong compromise where image quality is sacrificed protective functions. I decided to rectify the situation, Leica Leica X-U who presented with excellent shooting and high-grade security features.

  • The eighth episode of

    For the days The eighth episode of "Star Wars" come to grips with the "Avatar 2" and "Ready Player One"

    Cute heart of any compgeek eighth episode of the saga "Star Wars" strongly delayed. Suddenly, the Disney company without explanation from the prime minister suffered a May 26, 2017 to December 15, 2017, that is, the period of waiting for the new part of the saga has increased by seven months. And let the cause is not known, we know - it is greed: apparently the company's management liked the festive gathering of the seventh episode.

  • Ubuntu Convergence

    For the days BQ Aquaris M10 - the world's first tablet that supports the Ubuntu Convergence

    Function Ubuntu Convergence - a response from the world of open source software in the highly publicized feature Microsoft Continuum, which allows modern smartphone based on Windows 10 Mobile, when connected to an external monitor to pretend ordinary personal computer, and run the "universal" app, the list of which is still very small. The main difference between Ubuntu Convergence of Microsoft Continuum is that refinement of old applications to operate as a PC is not required and you will get a complete operating system Ubuntu on your mobile device.